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The principle is simple, enter the URL of the form: http://www.topsites.polishsites.pl

Masked link will look like this: http://www.polishbux.pl/cut/1

For example, if I send mailings with information on the website, in such email in addition to information on changes made to the side like.
I put also some advertising (eg. ebook with MS). However, the link in the email with the tip of a partnership immediately raises suspicions that I want to someone
earn and some people can remove the tip partnership with the link.
Many people including the use of shortening services such as links. www.adf.ly However, the inquisitive reader email,
you might think that since the link was shortened it probably is Affiliates and maliciously in it does not click, even if the pre-publicity it attracted.
One solution is to create a script for creating short links, then All links will be masked. Such a person reading the email will think, it is not an affiliate link because it leads to the site!

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